The Beginning

The Cladding

Pre-Fabrication While the frame construction is in progress, we kicked off our next stage of construction. Wood claddings, where the climbing holds sit, are being prepared in our factory. Our intensive QC process ensures not only the quality of wood but also the climbing hold… Read More »The Cladding

The Skeleton

Professional Job, Professional Result With COVID-19 restrictions partially lifted, we are ready for construction! Skeletal structure was built very quickly and professionally. Within days, we are ready for the next phase! 

The Plan

After all the COVID-19 related delays, construction has finally started.

The Target

We chanced upon an opportunity to build a climbing gym. An open area spanning 5 storeys where a ferris wheel used to be. A family centric mall where we can introduce the fun sport of climbing to the Pasir Ris community. The place is right,… Read More »The Target