Youth Class Timings

Public Class Time Slots Interested in a private group youth class? Contact us to enquire: enquiry@upwallclimbing.sg *We require a minimum of 2 pax. to start a youth class. If you already have a group of 2 or more children, you may start a private group… Read More »Youth Class Timings

Program Rates

Program Class Size Price What’s UP? (1h) 1-4 $30 What’s UP? (1h) Bundle $260 What’s UP? (2h) 1-4 $50 What’s UP? (2h) Bundle $450 Climb UP! 1 $150 Climb UP! Bundle $1350 TinyGrippers 3-5 $40 TinyGrippers Bundle $375 KidCrushers 3-5 $40 KidCrushers Bundle $375 YoungGuns… Read More »Program Rates